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Preventive data backup measures not only save a lot of trouble and effort, they are ultimately also more cost-effective than later data recovery measures. Accordingly, the data must be protected against physical loss as well as against data theft, manipulation and unwanted deletion. For this purpose, a comprehensive concept for data backup is necessary. The corresponding measures must also be regularly reviewed for their effectiveness and adapted. A cloud backup can be an efficient solution for backing up your data.

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Backup and restore of data are indispensable and fundamental components of a solid IT infrastructure.

We offer you secure and user-friendly solutions that simplify your data backup and restore your data quickly and easily if necessary.

How resilient is your backup and recovery strategy?

Are all your backups really being made according to plan and in full? How quickly can you restore your data in case of an emergency and can you be sure that the backups are functional if necessary? Is the unavailability of company data for a certain period of time acceptable or mission-critical?

An all-time rule that protects you from data loss in any failure scenario is the 3-2-1 rule of data backup.

Together with you, we answer these questions and develop secure strategies against any data loss.

Backup & Recovery Solutions from SSE!

  • Backup of individual databases or complete servers to the secure SSE Cloud.
  • Data storage at one or more secure data center locations is possible.
  • Customers can also have an automated daily copy of the respective data backups (possibly several times) on site and thus gain independence from the cloud provider – furthermore, the local data copy at the customer's site accelerates the recovery of large data sets in many cases
  • The data backup can be completely administered andb monitored by SSE Team.
  • Backup of individual data, databases, clients, servers or complete backup incl. bare-metal recovery (image) is possible
  • Versioning: All backups are kept for the agreed period of time
  • Simple operation: on request also completely by your own administrator
  • Encryption: Your data is completely encrypted and only you know the key
  • Fast and with minimal data throughput: Your Internet line is only slightly loaded and only if it is not used anyway (e.g. at night). The initial backup can be transferred manually with really huge amounts of data on a hard disk. Daily or several times a day, only the changes are transferred to the SSE Cloud. Furthermore, strong compression and deduplication is used, which helps to avoid unnecessary data transfers.
  • Practical advantage: You no longer have to change tapes or hard drives, spend awkward daily in other fire rooms or more distant storage locations. A cloud backup – equally secure, only less cumbersome. And You will receive a report every day.

This gives you a robust backup and recovery strategy.

  • Reliable and efficient backup of all your data
  • Backup of virtual & physical servers
  • Fast and granular file recovery
  • Application Consistency
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Deduplication and compression
  • Automated backup tests (live operation)
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