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IT Support and IT Helpdesk

In addition to consulting, installation, and maintenance, we offer IT support to ensure quick resolution of malfunctions, server failures, and data threats. If requested, our IT Helpdesk uses a transparent ticket system for efficient coordination and updates. This system allows you to understand our services and their current status. You can conveniently submit any issues or inquiries through this system, ensuring that your operations get back on track swiftly. We're here to provide seamless and efficient IT solutions for your business.

Certified Experts

Fast Response

A service-level agreement

Cloud Infrastructure

Offers you the possibility of a completely or partially virtualized IT infrastructure. Servers, storage, networks, and other infrastructure components are provided as a service from the SSE Cloud. This will help your company minimize costs, adapt to the constant technological progress of hardware and software, manage an increasingly large and complex amount of data, improve efficiency, optimize resources, and foster a more flexible, agile business environment.

99% Uptime


Dedicated Resources


Hardware Firewall

Secure Data Center

Cloud Monitoring.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring your infrastructure and applications in real time, 24x7, identifies faults and actionable correlations. It prepares tickets for resolution, enabling fast, unerring measures without disrupting your team or business.

Server Monitoring

Services Monitoring

Applications Monitoring

Cloud Backup

Protect your data against manipulation, ransomware and accidental or unauthorized deletion


You can back up individual data, databases, clients, servers, or complete backups, including bare-metal recovery.


Your data will be completely encrypted and only you know the key.


The backup process can be completely managed and monitored by SSE.


Storage can be scaled without the need to purchase more hardware or software.


Your data will be stored in one or more secure SSE data centers.


All backups are kept for the agreed period of time.

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Karolina Kucharska

Payroll Manager by Louis Vuitton

SSE is a game-changer. I would recommend them for anyone trying to get the word out about their business. It has saved us so much time!.

Joseph L. Salazar

IT Administrator by ViKO Media Group

SSE is worth much more than I paid. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from SSE. I STRONGLY recommend SSE to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business!

Ennio Napolitano

Co-Founder & CEO - Nordic Trade & Real Estate Investment

SSE has completely surpassed our expectations. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. SSE was worth a fortune tomy company.

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